Luigi Terzago
National President of Fisar

We are going through a particularly difficult moment for which we were not prepared, and this also involves our Association.

The health emergency caused by the Coronavirus epidemic has changed our
lifestyle, undermined our certainties and changed social relationships. In this historical moment, shared objectives and the sense of belonging to one large family are crucial to defeat an invisible and particularly insidious enemy.

As expected, this ongoing situation has had serious repercussions on our Federation. I think of our Members, our Delegations, our training activities and the entire food and wine sector. As a result, we have had to adopt extraordinary measures.

What we are still fighting has become a real calamity; however, it must be faced by all of us with a sense of responsibility and collaboration.

As is it easy to understand, this situation is creating strong concern in our world and we are all aware that it will have serious repercussions on the economic fabric of Fisar.

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However, I can proudly say that in this moment of great difficulty our Association is showing determination and lucidity. We have put forward a series of initiatives, many of which have already become concrete.

These include first and second level online courses, the activities carried out remotely, in a commendable manner, by the Delegations, the proximity initiative aimed at producers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, including the publication of their videos on the “The Sommelier Magazine” website, training meetings with the coordinating centers as regards the new
management of the Federation and many other activities, already planned for the

Even if difficult days lie ahead, I’m sure we can do it together.

We all hope that this situation will end as soon as possible, but shouldn’t this be the case, this period, in all likelihood, will mark an epochal transition between the world as we have known it until today and a new one that is still not well defined, which will lead to significant changes in social relations and in the planning of the work.

In my opinion, all this will not necessarily be negative. I believe that many technologies and organizational methods, which we have been forced to use, will become part of our daily reality with beneficial effects on the quality of our time and the environment we live in.

It will be important to evaluate together these transformations and the impact they will have, ready to start stronger and more determined than before, once this phase 2 of Covid-19 is over. Undeniably, it will take a huge effort. I am confident that, if we act with unity of purpose and associative spirit, we will make it.