Massimo Marchi
The National Secretary

Some situations leave a blank in one’s mind. Either because we defer their explanation or we simply don’t want to acknowledge them. Yet, they indicate the need for self-scrutiny, for a moment of reflection. During the past months spent at the core of Fisar, I clearly sensed that we are on the right track. The path is not perfectly paved, but it’s viable; and progress is such to ensure enough time is spent to carefully examine and appraise each situation. Each day, we receive countless requests for support, explanation, advice for improvement, and we always try to provide timely answers. Because nothing should be left to chance; every request for help must be treated with the proper attention and emotional tension. Each Member must perceive that they are and will continue to be our main point of reference.

As previously mentioned, a new course is set. New delegations have been established and more are being set up in the South of Italy: in Capri, Cosenza, Palermo, Foggia, Syracuse and Lecce. At the same time, other delegations are about be set up, because we should constantly aim towards globalizing our profile, and positioning our brand further afield.

Fisar longs to establish and position itself. The new opportunities we have to expand into global markets demonstrate the efforts the Fisar Management Group makes in giving maximum visibility to our Association. And allow me to clarify that this does not necessarily depend on the services we provide or their quality, whether we receive national or international recognition or visibility, or whether we seek and explore all the external synergies that will drive the development of our Association.

We are about to establish agreements of significant importance, which I have been silently working on for several months. We do not need to highlight or endorse hypotheses; we want to bring you certainties and concrete facts. As I have previously pointed out, the “I think and believe” will never be part of our modus operandi. This is the result of the Secretariat’s stocktaking exercise that I wanted to highlight. Planning has become our standard, and we can’t and shouldn’t leave anything to chance